Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Islands in the Stream *LYRICS ON SCREEN*

02/22/15...2:32 p.m. Sex Offender Alert....911, Sylvia Lydia Morelos

02/22/15...2:11 p.m. I am at computer POW-P-HPT302, 2/22/15...2:11 p.m. Online interference (internet). Cyberstalking, illegal surveillance. Less. Don't trust the "patron" sitting to my right on computer 303 to the right of me, 2:12 p.m. (my computer has this time on it; I believe that the other computer is logging in a different time. IT involved.) Sylvia Lydia Morelos Sylvia FYI. Illegal Surveillance Abuse. *note: Ezra Klein has not left me alone in the past. I.E. stalker/cyberstalker. 411. Torturer too. Has more than one victim. Lisette Belon is NOT a victim. She used to be one of my apartment roommate when I left UCLA for a short period. We lived off of Federal and Santa Monica, West Los Angeles. She had 8 units to graduate from ucla in English. Never finished. She worked at Macy's at the Men's section. She then obtained a job in Beverly Hills at Barney's in the make-up section. She was not a friend. Barely an honest roommate (i.e. nickle and dimed my rent, smaller bedroom than her own. At that time I let it go. She also had a male friend who was attending law school, Loyola Marymount at the time (details later). She went to the gym with me (Bally's total fitness off of Westwood Blvd, near the Westfield Mall, in west los angeles.We used to take a kickboxing class together and I used to work out on the weights (i.e. arms, legs, tredmill -walking). I was 21-22 years old. She wore silk red boxers to the gym and wore glasses. She likes her looks when she has makeup. Made a comment "you don't need it [make up]" (my face would flush when I worked out at the gym) when you work out, she told me. I used to call her betty crocker (it was innocent) because she liked to cook, and asked if she could take over the kitchen. She also had the tendency to keep score as to the men that she slept with with her best friend. I thought that was funny. But I wasn't a gossip. She also has an older sister, shorter too, who went to USC, I believe. She and I went dancing in Century City to a night club, I met a cop (nice guy, Puerto Rican; he was nice.) I also had a tan (I used to go to the beach--Venice, a lot). I went out with a friend of mine to see the movie BOUND in Westwood (Genoveva Garibay, Mexican AMerican, Chicano Studies, class of 1996. Hard worker. Friend at the time. No, she is not a friend of mine now. not an enemy but not a friend and I don't advise her vouching for me. I don't give people details of my life. Not often.) That night, I wore a burgundy mid riff and jeans. I had long hair (note: I had long hair up to my waist until early part of 2013; I felt safer after I cut it short in Sacramento, when I was at Maryhouse/Loaves and Fishes.) I went out to the movie with Genoveva and I noticed that Lisette was going to go out that evening with a new guy. I remember noticing that he glanced my way, as he walked behind her into the apartment as Genoveva and I were walking out of it. I thought "he seems more my type than hers [as in more down to earth; it was just an observation at the time. I said nothing to her about it. Not even another word. In other words, I don't know what became of him. I never saw him there after that. When I asked her about what happened to him one time, she said something. I never though about it again. I've just got a feel that she may have hang ups over that. I don't know for sure. But she is NOT a friend of mine. Hence, conflict of interest. NOT FUNNY. I hate being stalked by psychos, females included. note: This whole experience has been surreal for me. It's not U2 or Bono's fault. I was confused for a while. FYI. Sylvia Lydia Morelos Sylvia I need help with stalking laws.The four members of U2, BONO included, are NOT involved. I keep in touch via email. It is email meant for BONO ONLY. SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS Jose M. Barocio, 995 E. 55th st, south central hoodrat, 90011 .I need to get a restraining order against him. He attended my junior high school. I also blocked him on facebook. He won't leave me alone either. Evil. His father works at a carwash, forever and a day, on bundy and sta monica. This is my college town, my alma mater is UCLA, i was also BORN in 1974, UCLA medical center. I'm very territorial. I don't want these hoodrats, criminals, stalkers, sex offenders here. Jose is a child molester. 911/fyi Veronica's perpetrator. 1 of them. 3414 4th avenue, 95817, Wellspring. they hurt Dennis too.His guardian, female latina, along with Officer, Jaime Giraldo, the HOT team, Houston, 77003. he is also stalking me. Giraldo has a sister in los angeles. 911. 911/fyi note: activity in powell right now. extremists, persons of interest, stalker types, sex offenders supporters of. all of the aforementioned. 911 Sylvia Lydia Morelos Sylvia

02/22/15...1:49 p.m. Could You Be Loved...Bob Marley, Wii, Sylvia Lydia Morelos, (Self Expression in Video Games,by Youth), xoxo Sylvia Lydia Morelos